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Studio Apartment

A delightful Bachelor's Home

living 1.jpg

A Pure Brown leather sofa to fit in the nature theme studio from LIVIN Furnitures

living 2.jpg

Dark healing green finish for kitchen with Caesarstone countertop and backsplash. Wall sliding storage shelves from Hafele gives a stunning appearance and style to the small cozy kitchen.

living 3.jpg
living 5.jpg

Industrial lighting solutions from Havells enhances the studio feel to the fullest. Decor items like the wall clock is the unique feature of the apartment. Rugs and wallpapers are from D Decor


The existing floor plan was modified in order to get the desired space and ambience. The utility area was merged into the kitchen and the wall dividing the space was removed. Thus, making it a straight open living space.


The bedroom required a warm feeling, to which a dark wooden theme was selected. The Lounge chair and the upholstered storage bed is from LIVIN Furnitures. The Bathroom entrance was made invisible and was completely covered with travertine marble to impart a seamless modern theme.

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