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Hello !

Amvienz is a specialized group of Architects and Designers who are dedicated to simplify the home making process through creativity and technology. We believe in creating a balance between design and functionality with a very well known concept called 'less is more'. We are the masters of detailing.


We started as a furniture making company with selected design models. Continuous demand and quality output helped us acquiring the market and our products were available in all big furniture stores.


We started our own interior designing company AMVIENZ, where talented designers joined in to contribute in the making of the brand. We started executing end to end projects.


We established our headquarters in Bengaluru, where we collaborated with major material manufacturing companies to bring down the cost and help our customers buy more.


Competitive markets have changed the quality of workmanship to a large extent. Customers are ending up paying for cheap quality products which in the long run, will only prove to be a bad choice. Regret and remorse have been spoiling the image of architectural designing, therefore, we have decided to bring in quality and trust by educating our customers and helping them make their dream home come true. We aim at delivering more viable, functional product rather than just aesthetics and looks.


We have been successful so far in building a premium brand in the this market. We thrive to look forward in establishing ourselves in all major cities in India. Our team is equipped with talented professionals, who are willing to give more than 100% towards the goal.

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