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Balinese Villa

Dwelling in the shadow of nature


A diagonal plot(15000 sq. ft.) facing North-West was filled with Maple trees. The idea was to build a dwelling in the available space with the Balinese concept of architecture. The guest entrance facing north, welcomes you to the courtyard (nadumittam) of Mr. Bhupati 

which merges the living and bedroom area. Due to the climatic conditions, cycladic concept was chosen for the elevation appearance to keep the house clean and cool. The 10 feet stone cladded boundary wall secures the premises's privacy. Selected landscaping plants from

the palm and bamboo family completes the concept of bali.


The drive way in the corner of the plot leads straight to the main entrance. Landscaping being the core design of this project, every available space was preserved for greenery. That is what makes it feel like living in the shadow of nature. The grand entrance welcomes you to the living hall attached to the kitchen which opens both ways, the courtyard and the swimming pool. A pebbled path from the entrance leads to the pagoda sitting area in the pool. This spot gives the most beautiful view of the pool.


The courtyard center includes the Firangipani and peace Lilly plants. The Parents Bedroom is right in the opposite side and the creative room/home theater room on the right which is attached to the Kids Bedroom. The kitchen and living opens on the left. Outdoor living would include more, so another small pool for the kids in the backyard, and the outdoor shower does the job.


The Master Bedroom comes in the first floor with its own pagoda entrance, living area, bed, study, walk-in wardrobe, bath and outdoor shower. All this with a view of the entire premises from its window.

Landscaping includes Banana Palm, Alocasia, Dieffenbachia amoena, Monster plants for beauty. Areca Palm, Aloe vera, Plumera for air purification.

The luscious green Bermuda Grass is considered to be the velvet of Indian landscaping. Climatically suitable and low maintenance, the Indian Couch grass can also heal stress and trauma.

Smooth edges of the building structure gives it a seamless look, bringing out the cycladic theme at its best.

Large windows and openings for more dayight and ventilation makes this villa a perfect home.

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