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An Abode of luxury and beauty


A blend of art, luxury, space and vaastu. This house was designed for Mr. Samir Dey as his residence in a 7000 sq.ft. plot. It is a five bedroom duplex and a 3BHK guest house at the top comprising three floors with a total build up area of 8200 sq. ft. A 10x30 sq. ft. swiming pool, 2400 sq. ft. landscaping and other modern amenities, makes it a royal place for living.


A contemporary facade with ‘minimum elements’ concept  (natural stone clading with wood and glass elements). A 300 sq. ft. patio for parking two cars and large glass openings for maximum lighting and ventilation are provided. Plants like day lilies, marigold, rose, hibiscus,  firangipani,  australian pine, bamboo and date palms, fill the air with flora and fauna.


Double height living area which has a nice view of the front garden gives a delightful welcome which adds to the warmth of the wall garden in the patio. The floor plans are designed to maintain a free flow and easy access to every corner of the house providing proper ventilation and daylight. A fountain in the backyard, kitchen garden and a bonfire sitting space with a pergola  near the swimming pool adds life to the outdoor space, encouraging more outdoor activities.

sameer villa_floor plan.jpg

The South facing plot was a big challenge for us to make it vaastu compliant. But the end result came out to be very satisfying. The entrance door and the back door both faced the east allowing the morning sun to light it up. Every room was placed in their right corners. The water body comes in the north-east corner, the kitchen provides a east-facing cooking space, the master suite in the south-west corner and toilets in the west.

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